Why not have it all?

The tone of the travel brochure has an imperative touch ("You will say: I could not agree more!" and "Let's do it all!"). This is not a promise that you could have fun, but that you will have fun. And this promise is kept, guaranteed, as a luxury cruise can bring out the worst in you. There is always more: more fun, more room service, more relaxation, more luxury, more cynicism, more hatred, more envy, more seafood.

In "Why not have it all?" we work with towel and iPod, the equipment for a relaxing afternoon on deck and look into the psychological depths of a holidaymaker with a longing for deep relaxation and a desire to devour all at once.

  •      With Diane Busutill
  •      Direction: Johannes Mueller

Produced as part of Berlin del Mar by sophiensæle.
Funded by HKF Berlin.
With kind support of TUI, Dinamix and AV Tour.
As media support by taz - the daily newspaper, rbb radio one and zitty Berlin.

Photos: Jonny McClay, Katja Renner

Friday, 24.06.  5.00 pm
Saturday, 25.06. 5.00 and 9.30 pm
Friday, 01.07. 5.00 pm
Saturday, 2.7. 5.00 pm
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