One Day More/Extravaganza

The world of money is characterized by a storm of events - a code of deadly danger. ONE DAY MORE/Extravaganza travels into money’s apocalyptic heart of darkness, transcending all restraints in the rhythm of attack and crisis, adorned with the symbols of barbarity. Johannes Müller tells the story of financial crisis as a mega-musical, a genre developed in the early 1980s when financial markets and economy as well as commercial theatre both took on a new dimension. ONE DAY MORE/Extravaganza is a catastrophe clothed in music and a tornado of violence, conquest and pure unadulterated kitsch before the world collapses in one big blackout: the odyssey of a 28 year old billionaire and fund manager, who leaves his apartment for an appointment with his hairdresser on the other side of town.

With: Jill Emerson, Jessica Gadani, Hauke Heumann, Sebastian Straub, The Melodetts

  • Directed by: Johannes Müller
  • Arrangement, Musical Director: Santiago Blaum
  • Chorus Mistress, Director of The Melodetts: Nicolette Richter
  • Stage, Costumes: Philine Rinnert
  • Lighting Design: Mark Howett
  • Sound Design: Matthias Erb
  • Dramaturgy: Eike Wittrock
  • Production Management: ehrliche arbeit - freelance office for culture.

A Johannes Müller and ehrliche arbeit production in cooperation with Sophiensaele. Funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds. Supported by breathe – fresh cosmetics.


March 30th, 2012 at 8pm                                                              

March 31st, April 1st, 3rd and 4th, 2012 at 8pm                                       

Sophiensaele Berlin, Sophienstr. 18, 10178 Berlin

Tickets 14 Euro / reduced 9 Euro at 030/283 52 66 or